Surface Treatment Beads ZIRBLAST / MICROBLAST

Surface Treatment Beads ZIRBLAST / MICROBLAST
Product Description

Zirblast / Microblast -Zirblastgrade of Zirconia Beads for Surface Treatment used in the industrysegments such as Glass & Tyre Mould Cleaning, Mould Patterns, Hand tools,Automotive Components, Mobile and Laptops; Equipments for Dairy, Pharmaceuticaland Hospitality.

Salient Features :

. Density : 3.85 gm/cm3 ;Hardness : 700 HV1/ 60 HRC

. Smooth spherical surface with high toughness

. Chemically inert and non-contaminating with negligible dust generation

. Excellent Surface cleaning ability with smooth satin finish

Applications in

  1. Surface cleaning in the mould industry, especially glass bottles and tyres
  2. Surface preparation for PVD, Thermal Spray and other Coatings
  3. Surface profiling in Surgical equipments, Food & Beverages Equipment, Sports Goods, Automotive Decals and stampings, Aluminium Profiles and aesthetic treatment on any Metallic product

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